It is a safe bet that the majority of people dread the tax time. This is especially true for small business owners. The number one question we all tend to ask ourselves every year is whether we should attempt to file the tax return ourselves or seek a professional accountant. Like with anything else, there are pros and cons to both options.

The main reason for filing tax return yourself is that it is the least expensive. In saying that, you might miss out on claiming for things you may not be aware of you are eligible to claim for. There have been cases of claims, however bizarre they may seem, that actually turned out to be legitimate. For example, a farmer who was permitted to claim his cat and dog food as they were outside pets and protected the blueberries from wildlife. True story!

Another little-known claim is, if you must look presentable in front of your current or potential clients, you may be eligible to claim costs associated with your business activities. As we all know, to make any claims, you must track all payments and retain as many receipts as possible. This is where professional staff at our Toronto based CPA firm, Ke Wang Professional Corporation,  can help you get organized by thoroughly assessing your tax situation and maximizing your tax refund.

There appear to be mixed opinions on whether or not it is cheaper and faster to file your tax return yourself. However, would you agree that if you’re doing it yourself and it doesn’t take as long as you thought it would take, that perhaps you did something wrong? Not a nice feeling. Yes, the more claims you make or are eligible to make, the more complicated it gets but with a professional by your side, we know exactly how to guide you through the process and what information to provide for your tax return to be accurate and legitimate.

We, at Ke Wang CPA firm, offer an appealing service of a quick turnaround. You simply walk in with your tax documents and you leave with …. your refund! No waiting! We have been preparing personal tax returns for over 10 years and pride ourselves in providing an easy, fast, convenient and accurate service.

The fact is that all of us are trying to find ways to save in every corner of life, but when it comes to dealing with huge beasts like the Canadian Revenue Agency, shortcuts will eventually catch up with you, and usually when it’s least expected. When you work with the CPAs at Ke Wang, you know you’re in good hands. You get knowledgeable and experienced advice, not only for that one meeting but for the rest of the year. This is preparing you for even more satisfying service the following year. Money and taxes are our business,  so you can safely assume we’re staying up to date on the ever-changing tax laws. Even if you’re out of the country, we will be there for you.

So, instead of letting taxing taxes getting the better of you, give Ke Wang Professional Corporation a call at 1-416-551-5550 for a free quote on our professional accounting services.