Having your own business and being your own boss has a huge number of advantages and rewards from making great money to finding that perfect work-life balance. It can also be one of the most stress inducing. The success or failure of the company is all on your shoulders. There are many routes people are taking now to lower this stress, one of those routes is out-sourcing the accountancy and financial department.

Unless you are actually in the business of accounting and bookkeeping, you may not realize how much information you’re missing and more importantly, how much money you could be saving our earning. If bookkeeping is taking you away from the growth and expansion of your company why not let someone else take care of it for you.

Toronto based accounting firm, Ke Wang Professional Corporation could be exactly what you’re looking for. They offer one stop of accounting for small to medium size businesses who simply don’t have the resources or the need to have a full-time accounting department. One of their simple, easy and low-cost services is offsite bookkeeping. Clients who choose this service meet periodically with a certified professional accountant at the Ke Wang firm, bringing with them all their accounting related documentation.

Ke Wang does full cycle bookkeeping, meaning they perform activities such as recording your business transactions, preparing and producing financial statements, closing the books for the agreed period and more. The agreed period would depend both on your preference and the details surrounding the product or service you provide. This can range from monthly, quarterly or annually. All these services are provided at a flat rate.

Ke Wang have proven to understand that any and all information regarding your company’s finances are both highly confidential and time-sensitive, and that no two clients are alike. They do not work in a cookie-cutter way by treating everyone’s needs the same. They customize for their customers.

They also offer the option of paying the management fee, property tax, wages and other regular outgoings so you don’t have to even think about it.

Because Ke Wang are a small business themselves, they understand it is sometimes hard to put all your trust in someone else to get a job done, especially when it comes to your finances. So, they can provide you with Quickbook software training if you feel more comfortable handling the simpler financial data yourself.

Given all this information and even more available www.cwcga.com, maybe it’s time you literally pass the book to someone else.