Audits & Appeal

Audits & Appeal

Personal Income Tax Audits & Appeal

Whatever the reason be, fear not – the CRA believes in second chances and allows individuals to file for Voluntary Disclosures. The CRA will consider your eligibility for penalty relief provided that all the information entailed in your application is documented in good faith.

To minimize the risk of audits, book a consultation with us to learn more about tax planning and our Personal Income Taxes service.

To learn more about filing for disclosures, visit our Voluntary Disclosures Program.

The most commonly asked question is: Why me?

Well, reasons that subject you to suspicion of the CRA include but are not limited to errors or discrepancies in reporting the following incomes and assets:
  • Cash income
  • Commissions and deducted expenses as a self-employed individual
  • Rental loss
  • Income from properties oversea (T1135)
  • GST/HST rebate
  • Change in marital status
  • TFSA over-contribution

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