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Ke Wang CPA

Ke Wang (Christina) CPA Professional Services is a Toronto based professional accounting firm, that has been proudly serving GTA clients for over 10 years. Our clients are coming from multiple industries; including financial services, construction, retail, real estate, IT consulting, and many others. Our goal is to help our clients better understand their financial position and well-being of their business operations. We are committed to providing competent and reliable services; striving for the highest quality of work at an affordable and highly competitive pricing. As Certified General Accountants, we do more than just the number crunching.


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2022 Payroll tax Frequence mail from CRA

It’s almost the end of the year now, CRA is also preparing for the 2022 tax year by sending out reminders. You might have recently received a letter from CRA regarding your payroll account. The purpose of this letter is to have you remit your payroll tax on time. If your company have a large change in payroll, please note

Double-Entry System and Why It Is Advisable for Businesses to To Tax Plan Early

Having filed their personal income tax returns, many people believe that the tax season for 2021 has drawn to a close. Well, that is if you do not run a business. In Canada, you can run a business by owning a corporation, or by being self-employed, each of which has its unique perks and flaws.    While incorporation has many

Disposition of Capital Property

  What tax rules apply when disposing of a capital property? To answer the question, we should first address what is considered a capital property as per the CRA. In Canada, common types of capital property include cottages, buildings, land, equipment to operate businesses, and securities such as bonds or stocks. In general, capital property consists of depreciable property –


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