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We customize to maximize: When it comes to filing income tax – be it personal income, or income made from foreign properties – each client is unique and deserves to be treated as such. Regardless of your walks of life, we tailor our tax service to your needs. Edging on our partnership with Intuit, we customize your tax report with ProFile to maximize your returns in a flash.

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Am I a Resident for Tax Purpose?

You don’t need to be a Canadian citizen to be qualified as a resident of Canada. Anyone (age 18+) who lives in the Canadian territory for longer than 183 days during the tax year is considered a Canadian resident. In addition to the number of days you spend in Canada, the CRA also takes into account your residential ties to Canada when it comes to determining your residential status. Significant residential ties to Canada include:
  • a home in Canada
  • a spouse or common-law partner in Canada
  • dependants in Canada
Secondary residential ties that may be relevant include:
  • personal property in Canada, such as a car or furniture
  • social ties in Canada, such as memberships in Canadian recreational or religious organizations
  • economic ties in Canada, such as Canadian bank accounts or credit cards
  • a Canadian driver’s licence
  • a Canadian passport
  • health insurance with a Canadian province or territory

What does Ke Wang CPA offer?

At Ke Wang, we don’t just process the numbers thrown at our desk, or desktop. Consistent with our aforementioned belief and motto, we insist on long-term plannings and strive to optimize the finance for each of our clients. Keeping ourselves in the loop about the CRA’s latest changes and updates, our reachable team of qualified staff examine every facet to customize a cogent strategy that aims to both minimize the risk of audits and maximize your returns.

Who Needs to File Personal Income Tax?

Income tax does not discriminate. Whether you are self-employed or a stay-at-home mom; whether you are at the age of retirement or have only embarked on a new career all residents of Canada are required to file their annual income taxes by the CRA.
Documents I Need To File Student Taxes
New Immigration or International Students Tax Filing(Detail Steps)
Basic info Social insurance Number and other personal info
Personal information Full name, Date of birthday, Marital Status
Tuition fees T2202
Rent receipts or property taxes 1. rental address; 2. Monthly rent; 3 Rental period;  4. Landlord name 5.Signed Rental receipt
Other T bills T3、T5, T4A
Student Tax Form
Personal Taxes Service Fee

Basic Personal Tax Filing Fee is based on the complex and Time Spent on the Cases.
IT STARTS @39.99+HST (INCL.T4、T3、T5、T5008,excl. T4A、T2200 AND oTHER INCOME)

Other Type IncomeExpense
Rental IncomeFirst Rental Property $50.00+HST,Second and more rental properties +$35+HST/each; If the properties owned by two or more people, the another owner will be charged for $30+HST/each
Foreign Income$50+ HST/p
Self employment$100+HST per business if you need file HST for your business, then +$50.00+HST
Foreign Assets$100+HST/ppl
Investment Properties Sold$100+HST/property
Documents Required to File Personal Taxes
Basic personal informationSocial insurance number, full name, address, Date of Birthday and Maritual Status
T BillsT4/T4A/T2200 and related expenses receipts
Rental incomePlease click here to request list
Investment property soldPlease click here to request list
Investment, Interest, Dividend and other investmentT3、T5
Trading Summary1. T5008, 2.Trading summary 3. Bank statement/Broker statement
Self-employmentPlease click HERE to request list
Tuition feesT2202A
Rental expenses or Property taxPlease click here to request a list
Foreign income

Please click HERE to request a list

Foreign PropertyPlease click HERE to request a list
Child Care Expensedaycare  receipt
DonationDonation receipt
Medical expenseMedical receipts for 12 months
Other expensesReceipts
Landing taxesBasic information plus last two years personal income


All the T-slips:
  • If you have filed a tax return before, please submit to us the T1 General form from the previous year.
  • All active and passive incomes, documented by such T-slips as T4/T4A, or T3/T5/T5008, need to be filed to the CRA; other incomes from stock trading, or any type of insurance, including EI, or any other pension plans such as OAS, must be included in your tax report with the corresponding T-slips; if you have bought RRSPs, kindly attach your contribution slips.
Real estate properties:
  • If you have any real estate property, please provide us with the property tax you paid in the previous tax year.
  • If you are a first time home buyer, please include the closing date and the address.
  • If you have sold your primary residence property, please provide us with the address of the property, the year of purchase, years of residence, sale price and your ownership percentage.
  • If you sold your investment property, please provide us with the address of the property, the year in which it was sold, price and cost of the purchase, and the FMV when the purpose of use was changed.
  • If you rent your home, please submit to us the name of your landlord, your rental address, and the amount of your monthly rental.
Tuition and student’s loan:
  • If you have paid tuition fees to any recognized institution in Canada, please include in your submission the T2202A issued to you by the institution.
  • If you have incurred any student’s loan, please provide the receipts of the paid interests.
Receipts for:
  • childcare, if you have expenses on childcare
  • professional memberships, if you have paid any fees associated with professional memberships
  • donation, if you have made any contributions to recognized charities
  • unreimbursed expenses incurred for work
Foreign Incomes:
  • foreign properties. If you have held under your name any foreign property with a total value of more than CAD 100,000, please fill out T1135 form and contact us for more information.
  • foreign salary incomes, documented by pay stubs with tax statements
Change of marital status:
  • date of marriage or divorce
  • the amount of alimony and/or child support paid or received
  • separation or divorce agreement
Direct deposit information for refund:
  • 3 digits of the (bank) institution
  • 5 digits of the branch number
  • your account number
2021, what’s new?
  • If you are a T-4 employee and have worked from home due to Covid-19, please provide us with the details of expenses with proof of evidence.