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In the last 15 years, Ke Wang Professional Corporation has witnessed the growth of many of our clients from scratch. Unlike some accounting firms that charge their clients to issue charges, we see ours as partners, and as partners, we need our clients to trust us as we do them. Such mutual trust, however, doesn’t come free but stems from mutual growth.

We don’t demand the trust of a client – nor do we grovel for it – but gestate it through our consistent performance and demonstration of professionalism.

We seldom impress with a grandiose presentation; rather, we allow space for prospective clients to make their own judgment about us during our affordable consulting sessions.



Make time for wealth, for wealth won’t make time; leave the rest to us.

We share our business motto with our partner, GoldKey Biz, and believe in growth one step at a time.

When it comes to tax planning, every step begets another and is important in that respect. We equip our clients with pertinent information by which they would gain an overarching understanding of their business and finance.

Not simply to process the numbers for them, we share with our clients the knowledge and technology that would work in their favor from the outset.



We pride ourselves in our cost effectiveness and prioritize quality over quantity.

Liaising with Intuit, we have advanced our bookkeeping with cloud accounting. As an official partner, we offer comprehensive training of Quickbook Online to our clients who make such requests.

Technology and training aside, we share our tips, the most recent news on regulations or benefits, and our long years of experience with the CRA through our informative blog posts and videos to which anyone can access on Youtube.

We edge on our belief in mutual growth that by informing and empowering our clients, we would, in return, make ourselves stronger.


Ke wang CPA