Hire a professional bookkeeper to handle your accounts.

You only have 24 hours in a day, and you’ve got to maximize what you do to bring in the profits. However, some things take a huge amount of time while not producing any income at all: bookkeeping is one of them.

Why waste 3 hours trying to type in some numbers (and stressing over whether there are any mistakes or not) when you could bring in more customers and make everyone’s lives better? Hand it over to us, Ke Wang, CGA, Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, where we specialize in bookkeeping for business owners.

By having us as your bookkeeping firm, you’ll be able to…

• Keep track of all your accounts receivable and payable so you know the health of your business at all times.
• Save time, by delegating this to an expert bookkeeper who knows exactly the most effective way of keeping your books.
• Be 100% confident in the accuracy of your books, as using an outside contractor means that nobody will ever tamper with them.
• Be audit ready whenever you need it, by having your books done in such a manner that it complies with government regulations.

Every hour you waste is an hour you can’t get back. So make the decision now that you are going to use your time on things that matter more than others. We offer extremely competitive prices, so the amount of new customers will easily offset our fee. It’s basically only upside for you: more customers, more profit, and a bookkeeping service. So call us at 406-551-5550 or email us at info@cwcga.com to ask about our bookkeeping.