There are different types of tax preparers such as tax lawyers, enrolled agents and CPA (Certified Public Accountants). In most cases, you need to make sure that the tax professional that you will hire is capable of preparing your tax return accurately. You should be able to trust him with your personal and sensitive information. Your tax preparer will have a detailed knowledge of your financial information, your kids, marriage, income, and others. Hiring a wrong tax professional, you may cost you loads of time sorting the financial mess in the courts and even long-term financial troubles.

Questions You Need to Ask When Choosing Tax Preparers

Choosing the ideal tax professional depends on your individual needs and preference. You are the only one who can determine the right person for this type of job. However, knowing what questions to ask to determine their suitability, will make making the decision a lot easier.

Do You Carry a Valid PTIN?

You need to clear some things about your prospected tax preparer before you decide to hire them. Make sure that they carry a valid 2017 ITN (Tax Identification Number) before you let them prepare your income tax return. Without this identification number, the tax professionals will not be qualified to prepare your tax return. So make sure that they are registered with a valid ITN to protect yourself.

What is Your Tax Background?

A business card with a bunch of designation letters after their name does not necessarily mean that they are competent to do get the job done correctly. Sometimes, it only means that they completed tax preparation training and passed the test. Make sure that you ask the tax professional about the meaning of those letters and how it will help them with preparing your tax return.

What Are their Experience With Regards to Tax Preparation?

To ensure you find the right tax preparer, is like trying to find out how they differ from the person who might stand in the line behind you at the grocery store. Do they have the sort of experience that differentiates them from the rest of the “pack”? Experienced and well knowledgeable tax preparers are able to do your tax return even in their sleep with their eyes closed. Some tax preparers concentrate purely on small business owners, while others might be experienced in maximizing family tax credits or making tax courts appeals. Not one tax preparer can say that they have an extensive knowledge in all areas of tax. It comes from experience and many years of constant knowledge updates, and sometimes even passion in one particular area. So choose the preparer that is well versed in the area of your personal circumstances.

How Can I Reach You When I Have a Question?

It is also important that the tax preparer is able to provide a seamless communication with their client. We highly discourage you from doing business with an alleged tax professional who only appears during the tax season and once the tax season is done is nowhere to be found. Ensure you have the proper contact information for your tax professionals who will respond to your queries with a sense of urgency whenever you need them.

Never hesitate to ask these questions when hiring tax professionals. Your goal is not to just file your tax return but also to establish a long-term relationship. Are you looking for a reliable, diligent and experienced tax preparer?  Seek no more! With the help of Ke Wang CPA firm, you can stay rest assured in receiving quality service with the utmost accuracy and sense of urgency. Contact us for our availability and list of documents you may consider bringing along to optimize your tax return.