Running a business, be it your own or someone else’s, is a tough job. The challenges faced include establishing new and keeping existing clients, staying on top of the latest information and technology suitable to your field, balancing competitive but realistic prices, and much more. These are all part of the big picture.

What about the smaller picture? The daily grind in number crunching aka bookkeeping. The dream scenario would be to set aside a certain amount of time every day to go through all the receipts, invoices, bills, ever changing tax requirements,to have everything neatly filed away in a desktop folder or a good old-fashioned filing cabinet. This however, is just not as attainable as you would like it to be. Or is it?

Traditional bookkeeping in any way, from professional to personal takes a lot of focus and time. It is also, according to some professional CPAs, on its way out. The people at Quickbooks by Intuit quickly caught onto this trend and have developed their very own cloud based automated system.

The key word here is “automated”. Their goal is to lower the amount of time used for data entry but without loss of information, by using what today’s technology has to offer. Like with depositing a check by simply taking a photo of it, Quickbooks Online, have developed similar algorithmsfor tracking expenses in that you literally take a photo of your receipts. Forbes magazine has rated Intuit #66 in its innovative companies list and it’s for developments and growth just like this one.

Quickbooks Online is one-stop shopping for all your bookkeeping needs. Everything is organized into one place for that “helicopter view”, you can record your sales and invoices and get paid two times faster, who wouldn’t want that? You can keep track of all the money you spend and run expense reports, and last, but not least connect your bank accounts to see how much money you’re truly making.

All of this and more can be accessed anytime and anywhere worldwide using your web browser or by downloading their app onto your phone or tablet. If you have an accountant or business partner, Quickbooks Online can also be accessed and edited simultaneously.

As far as pricing is concerned, if you’re already using Quickbooks, they make it easy to find out if the switch to Quickbooks Online is right for you before you make the change. If you’re a new user or just perusing the market, they have a range of really affordableprice plans. Something worth noting too,like most retail companies,they offer deals around holiday time sales.

You do everything in your power to stay on top of the latest trends of your business niche, why not put that principle to use in your finances too. Pop over to to find out more.