Canadian government introduced the Climate Action Incentive in 2019, aiming to curb nationwide carbon pollution. It is a payment to individuals residing in Alberta, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and of course, our lovely Ontario.


What is the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program?

Residents of the aforementioned provinces will receive a tax credit called the “Climate Action Incentive”, otherwise known as the “Carbon Tax Rebate”in Alberta, when you file your income tax returns. The incentive incurs extra charges on such fuels as gasoline or heat, causing bills to rise. The credit is intended to offset the extra charge on heating bills or when you fill up at the pumps. 


Am I eligible?

Any residents of Canada are eligible provided that: 1. You have NOT been incarcerated at any point in the year when you apply; 2. You have filed your personal income tax return. 


How much can I claim?

The amount you’re entitled to depends on the size of your household, and the credit will reflect on the tax return of the family members who apply. You can find the amount details on the line 45110 in the Detailed Tax Summary page from your T1. 


Breakdown number for household in Ontario:  

  • $226 for a single adult 
  • $113 for the second adult in a couple; in the case of single parents, for the first child
  • $56 for each child in the family; in the case of single parents, this begins with the second child

A family of four will receive a total of $451. 

As we’ve approached the end of March, we’d like to remind you to file your personal income tax return ASAP – if you haven’t done so already. If you have multiple income streams and need help sorting out your T slips, give us a holler at  (416) 551-5550