There is a misunderstanding among the international students that they don’t need to file tax like local residence.

Actually, If you sojourned in Canada for 183 days or more (the 183-day rule) in the tax year,  you need to file tax. There are a lot of benefits for international students to file the tax, the biggest one is tax return.

T2202A or T2202

This is a form for tuition for tuition by the school. General students can download it from the school’s website, or they can go directly to the student office to ask for or request a replacement receipt.

Social Insurance Number (SIN),

SIN also known as the work card number. All post-secondary admissions allow students to work outside the school. Students need to go to Service Canada to get the work card number. You only need to bring a passport with a photo page and a notarized copy of Study Permit. The commercial banks (TD, CIBC, Scotia) or the international student office of the school can handle it.

Proof of income such as T4, T4A, T5

  • T4: If the student works outside the school, the company will issue a T4 form to the student at the beginning of the following year, except in special circumstances.
  • T4A: Scholarship income
  • T5: Bank interest income, which is a T5 form sent by the bank to the student. Only with “For income tax purposes”, it must be properly kept and used when filing tax returns.

Rent receipt or Property tax receipt

If you are renting a house even a room, you can file the rent receipt to be deducted. If you own a house, provide a local tax (Property Tax) for deduction.

Bank Void Cheque

If you file tax with your void cheque, the government will deposit to your account directly, rather than mailing you the cheque which will take a long time. You can find the void cheque from online banking or directly go to your bank branch.