[tx_vslider height=”45″ reduct=”0″ vurl=”” overlay=”none” bgurl=”https://www.cwcga.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/money-1920-1.jpg” attachment=”scroll” bgsize=”cover” imgurl=”” title=”Same Day Refund” linktext=”” linkurl=””]Tax filing with us could qualify you to leave our office with your refund in your pocket the very same day. [/tx_vslider]

With our Same Day Refund, you no longer need to wait for your tax refund.

The way this works is simple: Choose CWCGA to prepare your tax return and providing you qualify you could leave our office with your refund the very same day. The fees we charge in exchange for this service, are clearly defined by the Canadian Federal Government, so rest assured you only pay in accordance with the regulations; that is no more than 15% of the first $300 of your refund and 5% of the remaining amount. No more waiting! Come on in and get your refund the same day!

Following steps are required to qualify for the same day refund: